Cogito Day VII

20 Dec 2011 10:00
20 Dec 2011 18:00


Venue: Aula Rossa, via Azzo Gardino 23, Bologna.

10,00-11,05: Federica Berdini (Bologna)
Speech Acts and Normativity: an Account within an Inferential Model of Linguistic Communication

Coffee break

11,20-12,25: Fernando Broncano-Berrocal (Logos - Girona)
Knowledge and Control

12,25-13,30: Filippo Ferrari (NIP - Aberdeen)
Moral and Aesthetic Disagreement: a Comparative Analysis


15,30-16,35: Matteo Plebani (Venezia)
From Presuppositionalism to Non-Factualism

Coffee break

16,55-18,00 Eugenio Orlandelli (Bologna) & Filippo Ferrari (NIP - Aberdeen)
Moderate Neo-Mooreanism

Dinner at Pizzeria il Pirata, to join: