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Pluralism Seminar Series

The Pluralism(s) Project

The research project.

Principal investigators: Sebastiano Moruzzi, Paolo Leonardi (Cogito Bologna unit), Massimiliano Carrara, Vittorio Morato (Cogito Padoa unit), Andrea Sereni (Pavia unit)

Associate investigators: Stefano Caputo (Università di Sassari), Filippo Ferrari (NIP - University of Aberdeen), Eugenio Orlandelli (Università di Bologna), Michele Palmira (Mc Gill University), Eva Picardi (Università di Bologna) Matteo Plebani (Università della Basilicata), Andrea Strollo (Scuola Normale di Pisa), Giorgio Volpe (Università di Bologna).

PhD Students: Francesco Spada (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia), Luca Zanetti (Università di Bologna)

The seminar series will deal with different kinds of pluralism (alethic, logical, ontological and epistemic), each of which claims that a certain property (e.g truth) can take a plurality of forms.

The first part of the seminar will be devoted to truth pluralism since it is the kind of pluralism (among the ones mentioned before) that has received more attention in the literature.

In the second part of the seminar we will investigate the other kinds of pluralism.

Our research aim will be to establish whether there are connections between these different kinds of pluralism.

This seminar series is meant to be a preparation for the Cogito group for two international pluralism workshops in Bologna organized together with the Veritas research centre (Yonsei Univversity, Seul) (a third one will possibly take place in late Autumn 2015 related to the phil math and logic):



Seminar 1 15/10/2014 Planning Session (discussion leader: Sebastiano Moruzzi)

Seminar 2 22/10/2014 reading seminar on M. Lynch Truth as One and Many chapters 1-3 (discussion leader: Sebastiano Moruzzi)

Seminar 3 29/10/2014 M. Lynch Truth as One and Many chapters 4-5 (discussion leader: Sebastiano Moruzzi)

Seminar 4 5/11/2014 M. Lynch Truth as One and Many chapters 5-6 (discussion leader: Sebastiano Moruzzi)

Seminar 5 12/11/2014 reading seminar on C. Wright "Truth: A Traditional Debate Reviewed" (discussion leader: Filippo Ferrari)

Seminar 6 12/11/2014 reading seminar on C. Wright “A plurality of pluralisms” (discussion leader: Luca Zanetti)

Seminar 7 3/12/2014 Research talk: S. Caputo "A problem for Alethic Functionalism"

Seminar 8 10/12/2014 Philosophy of Language Seminar on Pluralism 8 - The Problem of Mixed Compounds and Mixed Inference

Seminar 9 17/12/2014 Philosophy of Language Seminar on Pluralism 9 - research talk of Andrea Strollo

Seminar 10 21/1/2015 Reading of Douglas Edwards "Truth, Winning, and Simple Determination Pluralism"

Seminar 11 28/1/2015 Reading of Gila Sher "Forms of correspondence: the intricate route from thought to reality"

Seminar 12 4/2/2015 Douglas Edwards's talk in webconference on 'Truthmaking and the Nature of Truth'

Seminar 13 18/2/2015 Reading of Pascal Engel "Alethic Functionalism and the Norm of Belief"

Seminar 14 18/2/2015 Reading of Pascal Engel "Alethic Functionalism and the Norm of Belief"

Seminar 15 25/2/2015 Planning session: phase II pluralism project

Seminar 16 11/3/2015 Ontological pluralism

Seminar 17 25/3/2015 Reading of Cotnoir and Edwards "From truth pluralism to ontological pluralism and back"

Seminar 18 1/4/2015 Reading of Pedersen "Pluralism x 3"

Seminar 19 8/4/2015 Michele Palmira's talk on pluralism on singular thought

Seminar 20 28/4/2015 Reading of Beall and Restall Logical Pluralism - 1

Seminar 21 4/5/2015 Reading of Beall and Restall Logical Pluralism - 2

Further seminars are planned (see calendar).


The seminar venue will be the University of Bologna: aula rossa, Department of Philosophy and Communication, via Azzo Gardino 23, Bologna.

For those unable to attend the seminar, there will be the possibility to connect online (please send email to sebastiano DOT moruzzi AT unibo.it) at http://webconference.unibo.it/cogito


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