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Philosophy of Language Reading Seminar: MacFarlane Book - chapter 3

5 May 2010 11:00
5 May 2010 13:00

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Minutes from "Philosophy of Language - Reading Seminar - MacFarlane on Disagreement" on 20 Jan 2010 - 10:00

21 Jan 2010
  1. Contextualism/Pluralism about disagrement

    It is unclear whether MacFarlane (from now on "MF")'s stance on disagreement is contextualist or pluralist. If the latter. it would require a common core of principles, though allowing for further principles that describe the different notions of disagreement. If on the other hand MF's position on disagreement is conextualist, its committment is confinded to the idea thatthe relational expression of disagrement "D(x,y,phi-ing,c)" can designate different relations in different "contexts of a disagreement".

Philosophy of Language - Reading Seminar - MacFarlane on Disagreement

20 Jan 2010 10:00
20 Jan 2010 13:00

We will discuss MacFarlane's latest paper in disagreement.

Reading: Varieties of Disagreement

Discussion leader: Sebastiano Moruzzi

Venue: aula seminariale, via Zamboni 38, V piano, Bologna