You are hereResearch Seminar. Filippo Ferrari on Alethic Pluralism and the Value of Truth

Research Seminar. Filippo Ferrari on Alethic Pluralism and the Value of Truth

27 May 2019 09:00
27 May 2019 12:00

Research Seminar.

Filippo Ferrari. Alethic Pluralism and the Value of Truth

Venue: Sala Rossa, via Azzo Gardino 23, 3rd floor.

Time: 9 a.m.

ABSTRACT. In this paper I aim at addressing two objectives. As a first objective, I investigate whether and to what extent truth is valuable by isolating the value question from other normative questions and by punting into use in the debate on the value of truth some important distinctions made within recent debates in axiology. This will help us in getting clearer about in what sense and to what extent truth might be valuable. With this at hand, I argue that there is a significant variability in the value of truth in different areas of discourse - I’ll calll this the axiological variability conjecture (AVC). I illustrate and substantiate AVC by contrasting the occurrence of disagreement in two paradigmatically evaluative areas of discourse, namely matters of basic taste and matters of fundamental morality. I claim that people tend to care much more about settling moral disagreement than settling taste disagreement and that this difference has to do, at least partly but significantly, with the different value that truth has in these two areas of discourse. My second objective is to discuss how pluralistic accounts of the nature of truth might deal with the value of truth. In so doing I will focus especially on Michael Lynch’s functionalist incarnation of truth pluralism - what hee calls manifestation alethic pluralism (MAP)- which is to date the mmost discussed and developed version of truth pluralism. I argue that Lynch’s MAP has serious issues in accounting for AVC. I also discuss, in the last part of the paper, whether a recent pluralistic account developed in Ferrari and Moruzzi (2018) and labelled Ecumenical Alethic Pluralism, offers better prospects than MAP in accounting for AVC.

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