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The Selected Writings of Eva Picardi

By Giorgio Volpe - Posted on 15 September 2020

15 Sep 2020

E' stata pubblicata da Bloomsbury per la cura di Annalisa Coliva un'ampia e rappresentativa raccolta di scritti di Eva Picardi (1948-2017).

Figura di spicco della filosofia analitica italiana contemporanea, Eva Picardi ha insegnato per quattro decenni all'Università di Bologna ed è stata fra i fondatori di Cogito, influenzando profondamente, con la sua intelligenza e umanità, molti degli studiosi che collaborano col centro di ricerca.

About The Selected Writings of Eva Picardi

Eva Picardi has been one of the most influential Italian analytic philosophers of her generation. She taught for forty years at the University of Bologna, raising three generations of students. This collection of selected writings honors her work, confirming Picardi's status as one of the most important Frege scholars of her generation and a leading authority on the philosophy of Donald Davidson.

Bringing together Picardi's contributions to the history of analytic philosophy, it includes her papers on major 20th-century figures such as Wittgenstein, Quine, Davidson, Rorty, and Brandom. She examines their work in comparison with the philosopher Michael Dummett's, illuminating contrasts between American Neo-pragmatism and Continental philosophy. By considering key contributions made by Gadamer and Adorno and contrasting them with Davidson and Rorty's proposals, Picardi is able to bridge the Analytic and Continental divide.

Featuring an introduction by Annalisa Coliva and new translations of previously unpublished papers, this collection emphasizes the significance of Picardi's work for a new generation of readers.

Table of contents
Introduction (Annalisa Coliva)

PART I: From Quine to Davidson
1) Davidson and Quine on observation sentences (1994)
2) Sensory evidence and shared interests (1999)
3) Empathy and Charity (2000)

PART II: Davidson
4) Reference, conceptual scheme and radical interpretation (1999)
5) Davidson on assertion, convention and belief (1989)
6) Convention and assertion (1994)
7) Reply to Eva Picardi (by Michael Dummett 1994)
8) First person authority and radical interpretation (1993)
9) Reply to Eva Picardi (by Donald Davidson 1993)
10) La verità nell'interpretazione. Alcune osservazioni su Gadamer e Davidson (2004)/Truth in interpretation. Some observations on Gadamer and Davidson

PART III: From Davidson to Rorty and Brandom
11) Rorty, Sorge and truth (2001)
12) Ist der kritische Weg noch offen? (1999)/Is the critical method still viable?
13) The social sources of meaning. Comments on Robert Brandom (2010)
14) Pragmatism as anti-representationalism? (2011)

PART IV: Norms and Naturalized Semantics
15) Meaning and rules (1988)
16) Is language a natural object? (1997)
17) Varietà di naturalismo (1997)/Varieties of naturalism
18) Semantica naturalizzata? (1998)/Naturalized semantics? (1998)
19) Concepts and primitive language games (2008)

PART V: On the Semantic/Pragmatic Divide
20) Compositionality (2001)
21) Colouring, multiple propositions and assertoric content (2006)
22) On sense, tone and accompanying thoughts (2006)
23) Reply to Eva Picardi (by Michael Dummett 2006)
24) Wittgenstein and Frege on proper names and the context principle (2010)

Annotated Bibliography

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